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Stroller Strides® • Mon, Oct 17 at 9:30AM Instructed by Sara Spector • Countryside Park

Stroller Strides is the original FIT4MOM program and continues to be our most recognized format. From the start, Stroller Strides was never just a workout class. The workout provides an opportunity for community at a pivotal time in a woman’s life. It’s a place where moms come together for support, strength, positivity and connection. Yes, you come for the movement, but the village becomes the heart and soul of the workout.

Stroller Strides is a 60 minute, full-body conditioning workout that gets mamas on the move with strength and cardio intervals perfectly suited to the mom’s individual needs and desires. Stroller Strides helps mama prioritize self-care and build her strength in motherhood. We create a unique environment where every mom feels welcome at any level of fitness. You do not have to be “in shape” to participate. And, you can be in great shape and still get a great workout. Stroller Strides is one-stop shopping for a new mama. It’s where she gets her workout, her time with friends, and has fun with her baby.

The workout consists of three parts: a warm-up providing a time for mama to connect with self and prep the body for movement, five stations that incorporate cardio and strength to realign and strengthen in the way a mama needs, and a final core & restore section to train stabilization of the trunk and provide flexibility for you before transitioning back into day-to-day living. At the end of each Stroller Strides class, we want each mom to feel stronger, more positive and more connected than when she arrived. You are not alone. You have a village.

Stroller Strides Benefits:

  • Safe and purposeful exercises for moms
  • A great workout that moms can do with their children
  • Social support & fun
  • Great role model for kids to experience fitness right from the start

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